Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What I do today?

Today was so boring.
I woke up late this morning, my bro was not at school but instead he was playing computer games.
He was so annoying! Why he did not go to school today, i also dunno and i don't care!
The whole day i was doing house chores for Maa.
I swept the living room, do the dishes, and folded all the laundry clothes (so many!!).
My bro was like The False King! He never even care about the house, never do any chores!!! arghh!!....He only made mess and ate a lot...A LOT!
Then, i went to do ALL my homeworks...hahah..delay so many days! :)) OMG!! I have to so many long was i playing around??? (hahhah...LIKE I CARE! :P)
II decide to rest for a moment, online my FB and ms, then, called my bff, Aye and later i chatted with my other bff, Syikin at FB.
At that night, Maa, my sis and me went to IOI Mall to buy some stuffs.
First, we went in Popular Bookstore to buy some reference books and stationary.
Then, we went into Jusco to buy my tudung sekolah, camisole and..... (must i mention it?? XP)
While we were shopping around the mall, i was kinda waiting for him to text me. (heheheh...)
I wait, wait, and wait but there was no message tone ringing at all..hhmmm...
Suddenly, i met Florence Choi. I was so happy she remembered me and even my name too!!.
We have our little chat and then Maa, my sis and me were set to go home.
I was still waiting, it was 10 0'clock now, bravely i decide to text him first because i was so boring like hell...He reply back!! Man he was planning for it, for me to text him first!
While texting with him, i saw Maa was so tired, so i put hot water in the maggie cup and we ate together while watching TV.
She felt really depressed, i know it just by seing her face (pale), but she hide it with her laughter and smiling face...(She so strong!!) I hope all her problems will end soon...very soon.
My sis was so annoyed with me because i was texting with someone she curiously want to know.
He makes me so happy and guling2 on the bed, all the message that he reply was so funny and mostly make me was in the air. (hahahah...not yet i think?)
That's all for today! See ya again!


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