Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday post

On Sunday 13 June , me and my family went to Kuala Woh.
Kuala Woh is a place for people to have picnic with family and friends, also the place had a beautiful and clean river, safe for swimming.
That morning me and my sis help Paa open his shop at Kuala Woh.
I was very surprised knowing that my father have a shop at the riverside.
Paa's shop was so cute and small in size, it had many beverages and yummy foods too.
(I like eating pow!!So delicious)
After help setting all the tables and chairs, Maa, my sis and me went down to the river.
The water was very cold, there were so many people swim at the river too.
We cant swim too long because there were so many people and it become really crowded.
Eventhough we spent just a little time swimming in the river, still we get the chance too sit and relaxed ourselves in the cold water.
After that, we went to Jusco Ipoh to boy present for Paa's staffs and Paa went to Tesco Ipoh to shops some stocks for his cafe at Rest House Tapah.
I was not in the mood because my stomach was really killing me (so hurt!!)
My sis and Maa eat auntie anne pretzels but not me...huhuh i cant eat at all...damn stomach!
So, Maa wants to buy minyak angin for me, but at the jusco we cant even find any stall that sell it. We all decided to walk from Jusco to Tesco, it was so fun!! ahahha...
When we reached at Tesco, Maa founded the minyak angin and bought it for me.
After we managed to find Paa at the Tesco, me and my sis went down the escalator to go to a books and magazine shop 'My News'.
My sis help me searched for some comics and there was no where to be found.
So, we went out, but then i found a small book place that full with comics. (never ever give up!!)
I quickly choosed the comics, all 4 of them and paid them.
I was so happy and cant wait to read it.
Then, Maa and my sis went out to buy cendol at the outlet stall Tesco Extra Ipoh.
I cant eat because of my stomachache...damn again!! Arghhh....
When we are on the way back to Rest House Taoah, there was an accident happened at the highway Ipoh.
A motorcyclist was knock down and unconsciously laying down at the middle of the road.
Many police men help control the jam. We all saw the it in fear...and it was an old man which was the motorcyclist.
After that, we continued our journey bu then i was in badly condition to go to the toilet!! (hahaha...) I cant hold much longer, Paa quickly drove fast and stop at Tol Plus.
What a relieve....hahahahah....
Today was such a day..
Thats all, see ya again!

Picture of me, Maa and my sis at the river


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