Saturday, June 19, 2010

Outing to Mid Valley

Today was a blast.
Maa, my sis and me went to breakfast together at the morning.
Then, we went to pick up my bff, Aye at her house and drove to mid valley.
I was so excited that we can hang out together, but i was kinda sad because Syikin and Aisyah could not join us.
Every time i invite Aye to go somewhere, she always give me a green light but when it comes to Syikin and Aisyah, there's no hope at all....I understand..
Continued to the story, we arrived at mid valley early and luckily we managed to find a parking spot that was very near to the entrance.
The first thing we do was, Aye and me lined up to buy tickets for the movie 'The Karate Kid'. Eventhough it was early in the morning, there was still so many people queuing up to buy movie tickets.
The movie was so awesome!! and very....very hilarious!!
The cinema was soooooo cold, we were freezing, it felt like we were in Atlantica...hahahahha.
After that, me and Aye split and seperated from Maa and my sis so that we can go to our on way seperated ways...Maa gave us untill 3 p.m.,
Me and Aye walked around the shopping complex, we went into Reject Shop then to F.O.S Outlet.
At F.O.S, we bump into Maa and my sis, Maa asked us to go to Sushi King now before there were so many people.
Me and Aye quikcly went up and lined up in front of the Sushi King and we managed to sit eventhough we had to wait just a little while.
We ate so much, i was so happy that this was my first time eating sushi with Aye instead of my family....Little do we know, we only have only an hour to spend our time shopping around!!
We quickly paid our bill and the price for all our eating was RM69...hahahah..i treated Aye so that when we meet again like this, it will be her's turn to treat me.
After that, we when to MPH Bookstore...Aye bought an English novel and i bought 4 comic books but i was confuse which one i want, an English novel or comics???
After thinking so hard, i decided to buy comics instead..hahhaha..
Then, we continued walking around, looking for clothes that are beautiful and affordable since that my pocket money was not much.
Suddenly, Maa called me and said that she was already at the parking lot.
I felt like time was so short, i felt that it was not much at, we went up to the parking lot and we meet Maa siting at a bench near by the parking machine.
In my heart, i dont want to go home that soon...huhuh but i dont want to burden my mom anymore since that she wiling to send me and Aye and accompanied us too!
But then, Maa said that we can spend a couple of hours there...yay!! she read my mind really well, but there was on thing....we need to go back home by ourselves!!
Well i think we can think about it later, we continued walking around until we got lost in a happy way la...hahahahaha...
All we do were we went in and out to each store we choosed and ended up buying nothing except for the books that we bought.
It was time go back home, after thinking about the transport, at last me and Aye decided that we to take a cab instead of commuter.
Aye was the one who paid the cab....hahahahahah.
When we reached at my house, Maa and my sis were not home, they were at my grandparent's house.
While waiting for them, me and Aye hang out at my house eating donuts that Aye bought and watched P.S I Love You.
Then Maa came and gave Aye a lift back home since that we will pick up my bro at Sri Petaling LRT Station.
Today was so much fun and full of laughter thanks to Maa!!!!
I enjoyed myself so much!!


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