Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yesterday was a BORING day!!
When i woke up that morning, my head felt so heavy and i was shivering cold.

Maa and Paa was no where around me, they went out together.

I didn't expect that i will have fever at that particular day and that made me sooo not in the good mood. (cranky!)
I waited for my parent to be back, i try reading comics but my hand could not even hold the book in the right position.
ARGhhh!!....I was so boring!! What else can i do?? SLEEP JE LA... After that, Maa call me and i told her that i was not well. (In a bit argument..) I ask Maa to come back fast because i cant stand up or even walk down, i cant eat nor drink...my head felt as heavy as a big rock.
All that i can do was just sleep the whole day long.
SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP, again and again....BORING!!!
When Maa and Paa finally came back, they bought me so many fruits just for me since i cant even eat or chew any kinds of food at all.

After Maa give me my medicine, i felt better now, my family then had a small picnic at our own bedroom.
We ate the food that not finished sell at the cafe in Kuala Woh.
It was so much fun!!!


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