Saturday, June 5, 2010

Movie Night

I waited my aunt to pick me up from school, she said that she will come and pick me up at 3 p.m.
So, i packed my thing slowly and lazily (HAHAHA...)
My dorm mates keep asking me why i went back home since it was not holidays yet..Like i say i have to attend my relative wedding ceremony.
*PIT.. PIT... * There was a silver Proton Saga Baru (hahaha...).
I didnt expected that she would come and pick me up this time.
Iwas so happy!! But....Im NOT FINISHED PACKING YET??!!!
I quickly put all my dirty clothes im my bag and ran down the stairs
When i went back home from TKC, my mom and me went to IOI Mall to buy tickets for the movie Prince of Persia (YAY!!!)
Its had been so long since i watch movie with my family.
Unfortunately, we only bought tickets for the 3 people (me, my sis and my mom), my bro could not join us since he will be watching the movie with his friends.
Then i was so surprised that not only my mom bought the ticket for that movie, but she also bought another movie tickets, which is the movie 'Lagenda Budak Setan'.
We watch the movie tomorrow morning at 11.45a.m and tonight at 9.40 p.m. we watched the Prince of Persia.
I was so happy that i got to back home for this weekend even though it was not the time for holidays.
I was kinda sad too because many school had already started their school holidays.
Well, im not that sad, even though our school holidays a week late but it is still 2 weeks holiday (YAHOO!!!)
But there are some things that REALLY worried me.
I ATE A LOT OF FOOD!!! I could not help myself eating so many food when im at home. (OMG!!!)
I cant control myself...hahahahah
At that night, my mom, my sis and me went to IOI Mall.
The queue for buying popcorn was so long...but we managed to buy it before the movie start.
The movie was so awesome and very exciting (but the hero was not that handsome??)
Thats all for today...Bye2


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