Saturday, June 5, 2010

The day after EXAM!!

Since it has been so long i didn't updated my blog, i decided that i will blog about the day after exam week at my school.Exam week was so stressful and very tiring (felt like HELL!!)Almost all the students stay up and morning up just to study and revised back all the chapters that had already learned.
The exam was so hard and there was so many papers to answer.
But all the hell had already ended!! (YES!!!) It was FREEDOM TIME!!
All books were already been kept away and now it was fun time.
Many of my classmate read novels and as for me, i was reading comic books..
Its was the best moment of all time, we felt so free and happy.
Many teachers were not around, all we did in class were just sleeping and reading book and comic books too..
My rutin now was just reading comic books and listen to my MP3.
I felt so free and very relaxing. (ahhhh....heheheh)
But the happiness stop when we received our exam's mark.(OMG!!)
i got A's for Japaneses Sejarah and BIO but my add maths??......hahaha i just can say that i pass it (if u know what i mean??)
Some of my classmate cried because of their mark.
I dont care how many i got as long as i pass, thats enough for me. (seriously!)Then the happiness continue back...we enjoy ourselves by fooling around in class.
My life started getting better but sometimes can be very worse. (A LOT MORE WORSE!)
I once fought with Azza just because of misunderstanding things but we managed to make peace again. She is my only friend there that always there beside me and make me so happy. Ilani is also a good friend of mine, and all the 4S students are my friends too!!
Conclusion is my life is now very happy and i just could not wait for the 2 weeks school holidays.
However, i still missed my bffs, AYE, SYIKIN and AISYAH....i will make sure that we can go out and hang out together again!
Thats all for today post.
I will make sure i remember to update my blog when the 2 weeks holiday start.
Till then....goodbye for now!

My Crazy Classmates


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