Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Off to Sarawak !!
( Thursday 25.02.2010 )


Yay!! Tomorrow my bff, Aye and me will go to our Sarawak trip!!
I'm very excited and i just could not wait to spend time with her.
We are in the same flight!! (yay!!)
We cant go to school tomorrow because we need to be at the LCCT at 11 o'clock. (yay..hahaha)
I just cant wait anymore!!
I will make sure i enjoy myself so damn much and bring souvenirs for my friends and family.
Thats all for now.

I need to pack my things now.
See ya!!


Today was spot check for all the girls!!
My bff, Syikin got caught by the prefect because she brought her handphone. (OMG!!)
I could not helped her because it was too late. (I'm Very2 Sorry!!)
She was very frustrated and very2 sad.
She then had to go to the office to take back her handphone from the teacher and since then i never saw her at all.
I want to tell her that i'll be going to my new school next week but she was not in a good mood that time...I will tell her next time la.
So, i decided to tell Aisyah first and she said OK!! ( I cant believed it??!!)
She said that the school is very excellent and i should go for my future sake.
Thanks Aisyah!! I love u laa!! is not the end of the world?? I can visit u anytime.
Thats all for today and i hope Syikin will be ok. ( Im soo worried about her!!)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good news or Bad news?

When i was just back from school, i saw a big letter on the letterbox with cop that say KPM.
The letter was for me!! I opened it and it was an offer for studying at a boarding school called Kolej Tunku Kursiah Seremban. (OMG!!)
Maa and Paa said that it was the most top school ever and it will be a waste to just let go the one chance that can make my future even more brighter.
At first i was very excited but then i felt very sad to leave all my friends behind especially my bffs, Aye, Syikin and Aisyah. (huhuhu~~)

Maa and Paa were really proud of me and i dont want to let them down.
So, i called my bff, Aye and explained everything.
(it was really hard!!)

As expected, she was really sad but what about Aisyah and Syikin??
I cant tell them because i was really afraid and i dont want them to be sad. (hukhuk~~)
My decision was not to be confirmed yet and i want to enjoy myself first with Aye at the Sarawak trip and also spend lots of time with Aisyah and Syikin.
I will soon tell them when the time is right.
I will let u guys know my final decision as soon as possible.

Until then, goodbye!!


Oops!! I've broke a crucible by accident while doing an experiment at chemistry lab.
I was so shock and everyone in the lab suddenly become very quite.(-----)
The crucible was very hot, so i accidently drop it and it SMASH on the floor. (OMG!!)
Because of that, i had to pay RM2 (so bad..) hehehe....whatever!!
It was my first time and i felt so ashamed and was kinda embarrassing too. (Huh! Like i care..hahahaha)
Today i have to stay back practicing my performance for the Sarawak trip which is on this Thursday this week!! (yay!!)
Today was mostly full of many funny and suspend moments and also not to forget very tiring.
Thats all from me today.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sean Faris or Logan Lerman??

I had just watch a movie called Percy Jackson & The Lighting Thief at TGV Sunway Pyramid.I watch it with Maa and my lil sis but before that Maa brought me to Sushi King again!! Thank u so much Maa!! Now back to the movie, OMG!! Logan Lerman was so CUTE!! Sean Faris too!!(hahaha...Gedik!!)
Well he is not in the movie but he was in the movie called Never Back Down as Jake Tyler. Before this, girls were all crazy about Robbert Pattison and Taylor Lautner..but not me! I was so not into them, but then comes Logan Lerman and Sean Faris who now make me scream like hell (hahaha..Gedik2x) I even fought with my bff, Aye !! (hahahah...Gedik3x) I like them because Logan so cute and Sean was so gentlemen not to mention hot, but just for fact im not that obsessed of him ok??
They are just an icon and i just like them!! (not in the love kinda way!)
Over all, the movie Percy Jackson was so awesome because it was full
of thrill, comedy (seriously funny!!) and action but not forget romance too!! I had so much fun and i was really satisfied seeing the movie. Therefore, u guys must watch it ok?? I bet ya u will be laughing till u burst.(hahahaha) Don't forget to watch Never Back Down at Star Movie Channel 413 (when they show it la!) I bet u will know why?? (If u know what i mean??) hahahahha..... That's all for now. CHoW!!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Me

It is not too late to wish GONG XI FA CAI!! to all the chinese people.
Give me ang pau lo!! hahaha...
This holiday season , i was at Perak and i stayed at my father's resthouse motel.
At first it was so fun because it had been so long since i went there.
But then, it started to become boring because i was doing nothing all day long.
Paa was so busy handling his resthouse and his cafe here...Maa help too.
I just online, STUDY? and calling, texting my friends
( A very critical situation!!..hahaha)
But last night was a blast!
Last night, me and my family hangout at D'Perdana Restaurant until 2 o'clock in the morning!!
(can u believe it??..hahaha)
Thats all for today.
I gotta pack my things because we gonna go back to KL after this.
Time flies without even we noticed it.
( no!! yes!!..hahaha)
Till then goodbye for now..bye!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I was so tired la..

I was sooo tired this past 2 days.
This is because i had to attend two courses.
My bffs, Aye Syikin and Aisyah attend it to but not the second one, me and Aye also Syazwani attend both courses.
First was How to speak in front many people course and the other one was a small explanation course about our trip to Sarawak this end of month.
The first course was ok la..we had to act about something and talk about our ambition in front of many people...( I was stage fright!!)
The end of the course, we all get free CHICKEN RICE!!! (hahaha..)
I was not in class the whole day and i was kinda worried if i cant catch up.(NERD??!!)
I will try to cover up, but first i want to rest myself from the exhaustion
I was still tired. and thats all for today.
I gotta go sleep sleep now...Bye2 la..

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thanks so much Syikin and Alyah

I was given a present from my bff, Syikin and it was so special too!!
Want to know what was it??
She gave me a colourful sand clock and a frame+album+music case.
I like it so much!!
Thanks so much la Syikin..u are the best! (hehehe....)

Alyah (my bro's girlfrend..hahaha) also gave me a present and it was a beautiful glass swan.
Thanks Alyah for remembering my birthday.
I like all my friends especially my bffs.
Thank u guy so so much for making my day very special.
Love u guys so much la!! XOXOXO

Friday, February 5, 2010

Merentas Desa SMKBJ 2010

Today was merentas desa (cross-country) for SMK Bukit Jalil and it was held at Taman Bukit Jalil.
Firstly, it started to rain for a while then it stopped before the event starts...(thank God!)
While everybody were busy assembly to take attendance, Aye, Syikin and Me were playing and taking lots of picture. ( JAKON!)
After then, the event started and as usually Syikin was speeding, leaving me, Aye and Aisyah behind.( You go girl!! Biru!! Go! Asyikin!!)
Me, Aye and Aisyah were runing like hell (we do really run ok??)then we puncture.(hahahaha..)
We then walk and talk about things, we passed Nadiah, Nadiah passed us,We passed her again.
She was trying her as we!!
As expected, Blue House was in last place but we will never give up!!
After the event ended, Aye, Aisyah, Syikin, my sis with her bf, and me walk from Tmn Bkt Jalil to school but then Aye's Makcik Van offered a lift ( so nice of her!!)
Over all, today was kinda tiring but mostly was so much fun.
Thats all for today and i gotta do my revision for history and english paper tomorrow.
(BTW...tomorrow is a school day AGAIN)
GTG..See ya!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Present from Aye and Aisyah.

Yay!! I got present from my bffs, Aye and Aisyah!!
I was so happy that they still remember my birthday and they gave a very special prensent just for me.
Want to know what??
Well, Aye gave me a golden ladybird watch and Aisyah gave me a cool story book.

The gift that they gave me are so special to me and i will treasure it well.
Im so lucky to have friends like them who care about me and there are nothing more than that. Aye is so special to me and Aisyah is so precious to me and Asyikin is so funny-cuddly to me. They are my most special gift from god. (Thank you Allah!)
Lastly, THANK YOU AYE AND AISYAH!! Asyikin!!! Im waiting for you ok?? (hehehehe..) LOVE YOU GUYS SO DAMN MUCH..XOXO!! See ya!!

Picture of gifts from AYE and AISYAH.

Watch movie

This post was supposed to be yesterday post but i post it now because yesterday i was so damn lazy and i was having so much fun. My family and i went to see a movie called Legion. We watch movie with Paa this time because he was home and later he will go back to Perak where he managed a cute and adorable bagdet hotel. At first, my lil sis cant get through because she was under age ( bad) but then she made it in with **********(if u know what i mean??LOL) The movie was full of suspend and kinda scary too. We enjoy ourselves so much and i hope we can do it again with Paa. Until then, goodbye for now!