Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sean Faris or Logan Lerman??

I had just watch a movie called Percy Jackson & The Lighting Thief at TGV Sunway Pyramid.I watch it with Maa and my lil sis but before that Maa brought me to Sushi King again!! Thank u so much Maa!! Now back to the movie, OMG!! Logan Lerman was so CUTE!! Sean Faris too!!(hahaha...Gedik!!)
Well he is not in the movie but he was in the movie called Never Back Down as Jake Tyler. Before this, girls were all crazy about Robbert Pattison and Taylor Lautner..but not me! I was so not into them, but then comes Logan Lerman and Sean Faris who now make me scream like hell (hahaha..Gedik2x) I even fought with my bff, Aye !! (hahahah...Gedik3x) I like them because Logan so cute and Sean was so gentlemen not to mention hot, but just for fact im not that obsessed of him ok??
They are just an icon and i just like them!! (not in the love kinda way!)
Over all, the movie Percy Jackson was so awesome because it was full
of thrill, comedy (seriously funny!!) and action but not forget romance too!! I had so much fun and i was really satisfied seeing the movie. Therefore, u guys must watch it ok?? I bet ya u will be laughing till u burst.(hahahaha) Don't forget to watch Never Back Down at Star Movie Channel 413 (when they show it la!) I bet u will know why?? (If u know what i mean??) hahahahha..... That's all for now. CHoW!!



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