Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today was spot check for all the girls!!
My bff, Syikin got caught by the prefect because she brought her handphone. (OMG!!)
I could not helped her because it was too late. (I'm Very2 Sorry!!)
She was very frustrated and very2 sad.
She then had to go to the office to take back her handphone from the teacher and since then i never saw her at all.
I want to tell her that i'll be going to my new school next week but she was not in a good mood that time...I will tell her next time la.
So, i decided to tell Aisyah first and she said OK!! ( I cant believed it??!!)
She said that the school is very excellent and i should go for my future sake.
Thanks Aisyah!! I love u laa!! is not the end of the world?? I can visit u anytime.
Thats all for today and i hope Syikin will be ok. ( Im soo worried about her!!)


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