Friday, February 5, 2010

Merentas Desa SMKBJ 2010

Today was merentas desa (cross-country) for SMK Bukit Jalil and it was held at Taman Bukit Jalil.
Firstly, it started to rain for a while then it stopped before the event starts...(thank God!)
While everybody were busy assembly to take attendance, Aye, Syikin and Me were playing and taking lots of picture. ( JAKON!)
After then, the event started and as usually Syikin was speeding, leaving me, Aye and Aisyah behind.( You go girl!! Biru!! Go! Asyikin!!)
Me, Aye and Aisyah were runing like hell (we do really run ok??)then we puncture.(hahahaha..)
We then walk and talk about things, we passed Nadiah, Nadiah passed us,We passed her again.
She was trying her as we!!
As expected, Blue House was in last place but we will never give up!!
After the event ended, Aye, Aisyah, Syikin, my sis with her bf, and me walk from Tmn Bkt Jalil to school but then Aye's Makcik Van offered a lift ( so nice of her!!)
Over all, today was kinda tiring but mostly was so much fun.
Thats all for today and i gotta do my revision for history and english paper tomorrow.
(BTW...tomorrow is a school day AGAIN)
GTG..See ya!!


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