Thursday, February 11, 2010

I was so tired la..

I was sooo tired this past 2 days.
This is because i had to attend two courses.
My bffs, Aye Syikin and Aisyah attend it to but not the second one, me and Aye also Syazwani attend both courses.
First was How to speak in front many people course and the other one was a small explanation course about our trip to Sarawak this end of month.
The first course was ok la..we had to act about something and talk about our ambition in front of many people...( I was stage fright!!)
The end of the course, we all get free CHICKEN RICE!!! (hahaha..)
I was not in class the whole day and i was kinda worried if i cant catch up.(NERD??!!)
I will try to cover up, but first i want to rest myself from the exhaustion
I was still tired. and thats all for today.
I gotta go sleep sleep now...Bye2 la..


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