Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thanks Maa and Paa...Sweet16!

Happy Birthday To Me!!!
Yay!! Today is my sweet16 birthday.(Yahoo!!)
My family and i celebrated my birthday at Sushi King, Sunway.
It was so awesome and fun too.
But then, i fought with my bro because he insisted me to go ice skating but i want to see a movie. It was like hell ( i cried) at the moment but luckily it ends up well. Maa brought me to
S.R ( Secret Recipe la) so that i can calm myself.
Maa was soo nice and i apologize to her because i was like a jerk at my own birthday.(hahaha)
Whatever that happened today were just some stupid misunderstanding!!
I love my family especially my dearest Maa. She gave me cardigan (sweater lo) and it was so beautiful.
At night, we celebrated again wit
h a whole cheese cake that my mom bought.
I was so happy to have a lovely family like them.(I love u guys so damn much!!)
Thats all for today and i wanna say THANK U MAA AND PAA!!For EVERYTHING TODAY
See ya then!!


Happy Birthday To Me!!
P/S: Im wearing the present that Maa gave me
Question: Where am i??

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hahaha...What a funny day!!

Today was fun because we have PJK and it was so funny with Pn Jainah.
She's such a free person!! Pn Zakiah was really outgoing too!! ( hahaha...)
After PJK, my friends and i changed our clothes at Bilik Persalinan Perempuan.
It was our first time went there and we were having so much fun playing.
(we were CRAZY!!)
Then, syikin and me were still crazy,we were laughing and joking around in class.
Today was really fun and funny too!!

Picture of Me, Syikin, Iman, Natasya and Shafiah
p/s: my left eye is still hurting!!

That's all for today.
See ya!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SOoo Hurt!!

My left eye hurting me!! (ouch!!)
I was so uncomfortable with myself because my left eye is really hurt.
Because of that, i was not in a mood at all.
At school, i cant help myself from sleeping in History class because i just cant open my eyes but Pn Pardeep was so kind and understanding. (Thanks so much!!)
I wanna say sorry to my bffs, Aye, Syikin & Aisyah because i was not my usual self and i was not paying attention to you guys at all today.
( hope u guys understand ok??)
Until now, my left eye is still hurting and i hope it will soon be ok.(OHhh Please!!)
Thats all for today...(still hurting)
Goodbye!!?? @#$%!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today was the BEST!!

In the morning, mum and i went jogging together.
I was happy, it has been so long since we spent time with each other alone.
Then me, my sister and my bff, Aye went to see a movie called The Toothfairy.
It was soo much fun and i wanted to say Thanks maa for treating us
( Love ya!!)
The show was sooo hilarious and we laugh so hard.(hahahahah)
While waiting for my mum, we went shopping for clothes because there was sale going on.
Me, my sis and Aye bought our own clothes and
then we all hang out at San Francisco cafe.

I was so happy today and it was my first time watching movie and go shopping with my bff.
Thank u so much maa for everything today. (I Love you so dear much!!).
Thats all for today and i hope i will do this again someday.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hard Rock Cafe KL

Exam was soooo hard ( i cried...sooo embarrassing!!)
Then Aye and Aisyah comfort me and i was so happy to have friends like them.
Today is my bro my family celebrated his birthday at Hard Rock Cafe!!
All my problems just went away because i was so happy, i ate fish n chips and chocolate brownies too...( soo delicious!!!)
All the waiters were very kind and funny..
Then they started singing for my bro and SPLAT!!
They smash weep cream at my bro's face...
( was so hilarious)
Today was full of funny moment...(LOL..hahaha)
I was having sooo much fun!! Thanks to paa
( i love you paa!!)
That's all for today.
Good bye for now.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Chit Chat

Today im very happy because i got to chit chat with Aisyah.
She talks about her problems and i talk about my problems.
We shared many stories and i was happy that she was still her own-self.(YAY!!)
It was a very long conversation and kinda funny too..(hahaha..)
Thats all for today and i gotta do my revision for tomorrow exam.
( BTW...tomorrow is a school day)
Bye...see ya!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


PJK was fun today because we play many funny games.
Suddenly,there are a lot of things going in my mind and i felt very confused.
I felt very lost and i was sooo angry at something/someone.
Then i called my bff, Aye and we discuss my problems.
Now i feel very relief and calm.
All the anger just fly away and i started become my crazy old-self.
Thank so much Aye...(eee....touching gile).
Last but not least...ALWAYS POSITIVE (+).
Thats all for today.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where's Aisyah??

Today was really boring at class but was very fun at the end of school.
Aye and me beat each other up and do very2 stupid and crazy stuff...(LOL...hahaha)
This year i spend a lot of time with Aye and Syikin but where's Aisyah???
It seem that we are hardly even talk to each other.
This is because we are different class and we seldom meet each other.
I felt like we are from different world now. ( why??!!)
Im so miss the good old days when we always hang out and tell stories to each other, now we can only see each other only when school end.
I miss her...( as a friend )
Thats all for today..(..sad..)

Monday, January 18, 2010


I want to say that i dont understand PHYSICS!!
Why is it so hard to understand!!
Its kinda hard maybe because im new to it.
However i will continue study this subject until i 150% understand it.
Thanks to Syikin for lending me her physic revision book.
Another thing,why people are so busybody asking other people about SBP at school today??..huh...
Well..i didnt got it..I was kinda sad but happy to0 (???..hahaha)
Today was full of fuss...
Then Aye and I started texting each other.
She makes me feel calm now even though she always reply me back with sooo short text.
Thats all for today..
Love ya.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nothing Special

Today is my first day posting in this blog...
Today is just a normal day and nothing special happen at all.
I just finished all my homework except for BM Karangan because im so damn lazy to do it..hohoho
So, i started texting with Asyikin and then with Ayesha...
Then maa asked me to go to pasar malam with her n my little sister.
We then eat dinner with paa..(yay!! he's back...miss him).
After that i was still bored and i started picking a fight on my little sister...
We started fighting with each... (although i was the one who started the fight)
It was so much fun....
Thats all for today...
I gotta do my preparation for school tomorrow..
Love yaa...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Yay!!...I just made my own blog (with influence from Aye)...
I will always update my blog and i will make blog as simple as i could so u can read it so damn easy...
It will be just a short story of my life but a bit of sugar funny la (Oh Yes!!) and tear drops ( i hope not)..
Thats all i need to say for now..
Hope u will always remember to read my blog..
Love ya...