Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hard Rock Cafe KL

Exam was soooo hard ( i cried...sooo embarrassing!!)
Then Aye and Aisyah comfort me and i was so happy to have friends like them.
Today is my bro my family celebrated his birthday at Hard Rock Cafe!!
All my problems just went away because i was so happy, i ate fish n chips and chocolate brownies too...( soo delicious!!!)
All the waiters were very kind and funny..
Then they started singing for my bro and SPLAT!!
They smash weep cream at my bro's face...
( was so hilarious)
Today was full of funny moment...(LOL..hahaha)
I was having sooo much fun!! Thanks to paa
( i love you paa!!)
That's all for today.
Good bye for now.


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