Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thanks Maa and Paa...Sweet16!

Happy Birthday To Me!!!
Yay!! Today is my sweet16 birthday.(Yahoo!!)
My family and i celebrated my birthday at Sushi King, Sunway.
It was so awesome and fun too.
But then, i fought with my bro because he insisted me to go ice skating but i want to see a movie. It was like hell ( i cried) at the moment but luckily it ends up well. Maa brought me to
S.R ( Secret Recipe la) so that i can calm myself.
Maa was soo nice and i apologize to her because i was like a jerk at my own birthday.(hahaha)
Whatever that happened today were just some stupid misunderstanding!!
I love my family especially my dearest Maa. She gave me cardigan (sweater lo) and it was so beautiful.
At night, we celebrated again wit
h a whole cheese cake that my mom bought.
I was so happy to have a lovely family like them.(I love u guys so damn much!!)
Thats all for today and i wanna say THANK U MAA AND PAA!!For EVERYTHING TODAY
See ya then!!


Happy Birthday To Me!!
P/S: Im wearing the present that Maa gave me
Question: Where am i??


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