Friday, May 7, 2010

Im at home for this time

Hai all..long time no see ya....hehehe
Its had been so long since i updated my blog.
My blog is now kinda old story ya??...sory2..i dont have time to updated it.
As you know that im now staying at a boarding school called Tunku Kurshiah College.
At first my life was so suck like hell!! But now, it is going a bit well.
I managed to get use to the my new life because i have my best friend there and her name is Azza.
Azza, Ilani (also a good friend of mine) and me woke up at 4.45 a.m this morning.
We went down to take hot water so that we can had a feast together.
Before i went home, i waited for my mom to arrived, me and Azza were palying around under Elea's bed...we arm wrestling and thumd catching too..hahahaha.. It was so much fun!!
After that, Mak Su came and she said that Maa's car broken up at the middle of the highway.
OMG!! Im glad to know that she is OK.
I arrived at rumah wan and atuk at 4.30 p.m.
I was so happy, it had been so long since i visited wan and atuk at their home.
Life there kinda hard to because i sometimes cant even focus in the class because i always feel sleepy in class especially in PHYSICS!!! Im really blurr in that subject.
People in that school sometimes can be sooooo annoying and some of them studying all the time like the world gonna end soon!!
I cant do that, i always playing around and fooling around.
My life now is getting better la except for my studies...hahahah (normal me!!)
But still, i missed my family and also my bffs.
Just then, aye and me talk to each other at the phone...she sounded so happy!!
Well, she had been take by someone special to her and im glad to know that good news.
My life is getting more and more fun la but it can sometimes be so horror ( terribly!!)
Oh no!! i forgot that this thursday is my mid year exam!!!
So what?? is not like i study...hahahah
OK LA...thats all for today!