Saturday, March 20, 2010

Holidays over?? Back to hostel!!

OMG!! Holidays are over?? I cant believe it!!
Tomorrow, i have to go back to my hostel and live my life as usual again.
Why is it too soon for the holidays to be end?? I felt like just yesterday i was on my way back home.
I have already pack all my things and tidy up my room.
My homework are still in progress...hehehe.
Im just not sure if i can manage my new life and im very afraid if i feel homesick again but in the same time i cant wait to see all my new friends again.
Some of them contact and texting me all the time.
Im still cant believe that im going back tomorrow.
This is my last post before i'll go to my hostel.
I want to say good bye to all of u guys that are reading my blog.
Thanks so much for being a part of my life and i hope we will soon met again.
Farewell again to my bff, AYE,SYIKIN and AISYAH. Take care u guys!!
Thats all for today, wait for me ok?! Bye2..

My last holiday at KL

Today was my last holiday.
Maa, my sis and me went to the International Book Fair at PWTC KL.
I was supposed to go there with my bff, Aye...we always go there together every year but she could not go this time because she have something to do.
Well, i don't mind because i can still go with my dearest mother and also my younger sister.
We all went there by LRT at Sri Petaling.
Just when we arrived, many people were already there and it was so crowded.
I want to buy revision books at the Sasbadi booth but it was so so crowded and there was a very long line to pay purchase.
Because of that, i cant buy anything but then my sis and me bought the Peta Minda books.
Then, we all went strolling around to find Gempak booth.
I bought 8 comic books and two PVC bags, one for me and the other one for my sis.
I was so very happy that i have successfully bought the comic that i want.
Thanks so much Maa for accompany me to go to the book fair.

Token of success

Yesterday was the 'Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan' for my sis, my bro and me.
The event was organized by I & P Insurans Bhd which is the company that Maa is currently working at.
We all had our award for our success in our late exam.
It was $$$$$$...Each of us had our own money!!
The foods there was so delicious and very2 tasty..(Yum yum..)
I swear that ate a lot..hahahah what can i say, its FREE right??
Maa and Paa was so proud of all three of us.
They want us to continued our success and never be too proud of our past success.
That's all for today..bye2

Thursday, March 18, 2010

She will not quit!

Yay!!...Azza just text me and she said that she will not quit from the school.
She wanted to stay with me.
Im so happy and relief to hear the great news from her.
We decided that we will help each other decorating our lockers.
I cant wait to see her again.
But, i kinda worry if i will feel homesick again!..maybe not? Im not sure!!
I will try Ok??...I have many friends at that school, maybe they can help me too.
I hope so la..I must overcome this problem by my own!! Just keep swinging!!.
Hehehe...Thats all for today post..
See ya later guys (girls too!).

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Aye was at my home

Just now, Aye came and visited me at my home.
I was so happy to see her again and she is still the same as usual. (hahaha...)
My sis and my bro were still sleeping, it was embarassing la..
We talk about many things...about shcool and about other people too (Gossip maybe??hahaha)
We watch TV together and she always ask silly question about the movie that we saw.
I laugh when she ask me the answer for the questions because i don't know the answer myself..
We had our lunch together with my sis.
Maa cooked many delicious meal just for us and it was big too!! (Thank u Maa~)
Then, we hang out at my room, my room was so messy with many books on my bed and untidy bed sheets.
( time for tidy up)
After that, she had to go back home, we say goodbye to each other.
At that night, Maa brought me to take a picture passport and then we went to IOI Mall to buy decoration things for my dorm locker.
She was in a very good mood and it was kinda scare me a bit ( offense Maa!! Just kidding)
Thats all for today..
See ya later...Bye2

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Holidays at home

This whole day was ok la..
I have to do all the house chores even though im not always at home.
But i kinda sort of like doing it (weird much??) because i missed my house so much and my family too!
Then, i online my myspace and i chatted with Ilani (my new friend at KTK)
We chatted about our holidays and about our new school too.
After that Dina, my dorm-mate greets me and we had our chit chat just for a while.
I was kinda glad knowing that i have friends in my new school. (I need more!!..hehehe)
At night, Maa and me went to buy my hostel stuffs and some other groceries.
It was so fun shopping with Maa..she knows what best for me and i love her so much.
I just got a good news!! AYE will come visit me tomorrow..YAY!!
I cant wait to see her again.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dinner Night,Lights off

At night, Paa brought me and my family to have our dinner at Bidor.
We ate Tom Yam and it was so delicious.
We then talk about ghost...(i don't want to hear!!)
Maa talk about her story and continued by my bro's story.
It was like the ghostly night now because all my family are talking about ghost.
When some of us had gone to sleep, suddenly the electricity went off and it become really dark!!
I was still sis had to wake me up because it was really dark and scary.
We rushed down because only the lights downstairs were still on.
Then Maa and me went upstairs again and we both went to sleep with the dark surrounding us (haahaha..)
After that, all the lights were on again...yay!!
It was such a weird night.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spend time with Family

I want to spend the holidays with my family as much as i can because i really missed them so damn much!! Especially with Maa.
Maa brought me and my lil sis to eat sushi at Sushi King Tesco Kampar, Perak.
I ate a lot and i was so happy becuase i do really like sushi!! (thanks Maa!!)

Then, we went to buy somethings for Paa, my tummy was so full that i can hardly stand up strainght!! (I was so full)

Just when we arrived at RestHouse Tapah (Paa owns it), Paa asked if we want to have our dinner outside? I was like YES..YES!! JOM LA!! JALAN2!! YAY!!! (I was so excited and hyper happy)
Paa brought us to Teluk Intan and we past the Menara Condong. We had our dinner at a restaurant called Steak Factory.
We then walked a round the place and maa bought me some cute ladybug pins,even paa bought me a pair of sandal that was so beautiful (thank u so much Paa and Maa!!

After that, Ilani, my classmate and my dorm-mate text me and i was so suprised that she knew my nmber..yay!!

When we got back, i was still bored, i started fooling around with the staffs and it was so much fun!!
They are so funny!!
I was really happy today!! I do not want this holidays to end!! Thats all for today post, gotta hit the sack now..Bye2..

Hello People!! Im back!

HELLO!! Hai wats up??..hahahha... Im back for the holidays..sorry for the late updated u guys!! Like i said i just got back from my hostel at Kolej Tunku Kurshiah Seremban.
My bag was full of dirty so damn lazy to wash it (hahaha..)
Before we went home, our MAMA DORM checked our dorm and my locker was the first one she checked. (OMG!!) Well, there was nothing wrong with my locker except for the broken locks.
She said that it can be fix as soon as possilble. (yay!!)
Im still not very use to the new environment yet but i do really tried my best!!
I have to take the school exam even though i just went in and it was super hard!! except for P.A.I and as expected i failed 2 subjects, Physics and Addmaths..(hahaha...)
All the students here really do like study!!!
I will go crazy if i do that all the time hahah.... I do have many friends there and they all are very nice to me too!!
But still, i do really missed my bffs..AYE,SYIKIN&AISYAH and sometime i felt really lonely.
I tried not to cry and be really strong but then i just could not help myself from crying..( was so embarrassing!!)
All the things that we do effect our house marks..the house marks are really important in that school (house=rumah sukan la!!) Im in the yellow house or the other name is Siti Zawiah.
In this school, i have to take the 3rd language which is the Japanese language and i was kinda like it!! (hahaha...)
Life there was a bit fun la but kinda lonely sometimes maybe because im still not use to it ye. (Right??) From now on, i will try my best to make sure that i do really comfortable with my new life in this school and i will not give up!! (hahaha...but i need to cry sometime ok??)
After the school holidays, there will be a event called ENGLISH DRAMA and we the form 4 batch will compete the other batches.
I hope we will be the winner!!
Thats all for today post. I will talk about other things next time ok?? see ya!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sayonara Bye2

I just want to say goodbye SMK Bukit Jalil!!

Goodbye teachers and goodbye to all my fellow friends!!
I'll miss u so much la..!!
I also want to say goodbye to my bffs, Aye, Syikin and Aisyah..i will miss u guys so very damn much!!
Thanks u guys for being my friend for the past 3 years ( i think??)
All the precious moments that we shared together will always be remember and guys will always in my heart till the end. (hahah...ok2.. Im serius!)
I love u guys so much and u guys are the most special gift from Allah SWT.
Dont worry about me because i'll be back in the holidays ok?? (wait for me ok??)
To all the readers of this blog, im very sorry because until now i cant always update my blog.
But, i'll be sure to update it when theres a time and i'll share u how was my life there.
Unti then we soon meet again!!
See ya...Love ya!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Busy day and Crying moment

I'm not going to school today because i have to go do my medical check up at 9 o'clock. and everything was normal.
Then, i went to school to return my text books and to take all my documents because i'm gonna change school.
I have the chance to see the new headmistress and she was so kind!!
It was so tiring, i went to take that, to take this.
I went to see my bffs, Aye, Syikin and Aisyah for the last time.
Aye was crying in front of everyone so as Syikin, Aisyah gave me a key chain as a present just for me. I hugged Aye and i was gonna cry too!!
Everyone saw me and they wish farewell to me but some of them hugged me too!
All the teachers wish me good luck and Puan Maznah was really happy to hear that i have been offer to study at Kolej Tunku Kurshiah.
It was really hard to leave all my friends behind especially my bffs.
I really love them so much and i will always remember them where ever i go anywhere.
Dont worry guys, i will be back and we can spend our time together ok??
I love u guys so dear much!!

The Sarawak Trip

First day

Me and Aye sit together in the plane. We arrived at Sarawak in the evening and waited the others to arrive at the airport. We met the facilitators from Kolej Datu Patinggi Abang Haji Abdillah. They greeted us and we started introduced ourselves to them. They brought us to their school and we were horribly shock when the male students welcome us with HAKKA!! AT night, we went to the Waterfront and it was so beautiful and very calm.

Second day

We went to the Waterfront again and we ride the sampan to cross the river. After that, we went to see the making of kek lapis and there i bought 10 kek lapis but they gave 1 for free. The kek lapis was so delicious!! Then, we went to the Sarawak Culture Village and we saw the presentation about their culture. It was sooo hilarious!! We also went to a factory to see how pots were made. At night, we girls were presenting our Endang Dance and the boys were presenting theirs too. It was so fun!
Last day

We went to Serikin and i got the chance too eat MEE KOLOK!! It was very yummy!!
Two of the facilitators, Abang Shazwan and Abang Haikal treat me and Aye. We want to pay back but they dont want. We walked at the Pasar Serikin followed by the two boys and we were just walking around...again and again. Then, we went to Gua Angin to eat our lunch and relaxed ourselves. After that, we packed all our things and went to buy souvenirs at the Main Bazar. Lastly, we arrived at the airport Kuching and we said goodbye to all the facilitators.

Conclusion : It was so fun and very2 enjoyable!!