Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spend time with Family

I want to spend the holidays with my family as much as i can because i really missed them so damn much!! Especially with Maa.
Maa brought me and my lil sis to eat sushi at Sushi King Tesco Kampar, Perak.
I ate a lot and i was so happy becuase i do really like sushi!! (thanks Maa!!)

Then, we went to buy somethings for Paa, my tummy was so full that i can hardly stand up strainght!! (I was so full)

Just when we arrived at RestHouse Tapah (Paa owns it), Paa asked if we want to have our dinner outside? I was like YES..YES!! JOM LA!! JALAN2!! YAY!!! (I was so excited and hyper happy)
Paa brought us to Teluk Intan and we past the Menara Condong. We had our dinner at a restaurant called Steak Factory.
We then walked a round the place and maa bought me some cute ladybug pins,even paa bought me a pair of sandal that was so beautiful (thank u so much Paa and Maa!!

After that, Ilani, my classmate and my dorm-mate text me and i was so suprised that she knew my nmber..yay!!

When we got back, i was still bored, i started fooling around with the staffs and it was so much fun!!
They are so funny!!
I was really happy today!! I do not want this holidays to end!! Thats all for today post, gotta hit the sack now..Bye2..


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