Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hello People!! Im back!

HELLO!! Hai wats up??..hahahha... Im back for the holidays..sorry for the late updated u guys!! Like i said i just got back from my hostel at Kolej Tunku Kurshiah Seremban.
My bag was full of dirty so damn lazy to wash it (hahaha..)
Before we went home, our MAMA DORM checked our dorm and my locker was the first one she checked. (OMG!!) Well, there was nothing wrong with my locker except for the broken locks.
She said that it can be fix as soon as possilble. (yay!!)
Im still not very use to the new environment yet but i do really tried my best!!
I have to take the school exam even though i just went in and it was super hard!! except for P.A.I and as expected i failed 2 subjects, Physics and Addmaths..(hahaha...)
All the students here really do like study!!!
I will go crazy if i do that all the time hahah.... I do have many friends there and they all are very nice to me too!!
But still, i do really missed my bffs..AYE,SYIKIN&AISYAH and sometime i felt really lonely.
I tried not to cry and be really strong but then i just could not help myself from crying..( was so embarrassing!!)
All the things that we do effect our house marks..the house marks are really important in that school (house=rumah sukan la!!) Im in the yellow house or the other name is Siti Zawiah.
In this school, i have to take the 3rd language which is the Japanese language and i was kinda like it!! (hahaha...)
Life there was a bit fun la but kinda lonely sometimes maybe because im still not use to it ye. (Right??) From now on, i will try my best to make sure that i do really comfortable with my new life in this school and i will not give up!! (hahaha...but i need to cry sometime ok??)
After the school holidays, there will be a event called ENGLISH DRAMA and we the form 4 batch will compete the other batches.
I hope we will be the winner!!
Thats all for today post. I will talk about other things next time ok?? see ya!!


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