Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dinner Night,Lights off

At night, Paa brought me and my family to have our dinner at Bidor.
We ate Tom Yam and it was so delicious.
We then talk about ghost...(i don't want to hear!!)
Maa talk about her story and continued by my bro's story.
It was like the ghostly night now because all my family are talking about ghost.
When some of us had gone to sleep, suddenly the electricity went off and it become really dark!!
I was still sis had to wake me up because it was really dark and scary.
We rushed down because only the lights downstairs were still on.
Then Maa and me went upstairs again and we both went to sleep with the dark surrounding us (haahaha..)
After that, all the lights were on again...yay!!
It was such a weird night.


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