Saturday, March 20, 2010

Holidays over?? Back to hostel!!

OMG!! Holidays are over?? I cant believe it!!
Tomorrow, i have to go back to my hostel and live my life as usual again.
Why is it too soon for the holidays to be end?? I felt like just yesterday i was on my way back home.
I have already pack all my things and tidy up my room.
My homework are still in progress...hehehe.
Im just not sure if i can manage my new life and im very afraid if i feel homesick again but in the same time i cant wait to see all my new friends again.
Some of them contact and texting me all the time.
Im still cant believe that im going back tomorrow.
This is my last post before i'll go to my hostel.
I want to say good bye to all of u guys that are reading my blog.
Thanks so much for being a part of my life and i hope we will soon met again.
Farewell again to my bff, AYE,SYIKIN and AISYAH. Take care u guys!!
Thats all for today, wait for me ok?! Bye2..


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