Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Aye was at my home

Just now, Aye came and visited me at my home.
I was so happy to see her again and she is still the same as usual. (hahaha...)
My sis and my bro were still sleeping, it was embarassing la..
We talk about many things...about shcool and about other people too (Gossip maybe??hahaha)
We watch TV together and she always ask silly question about the movie that we saw.
I laugh when she ask me the answer for the questions because i don't know the answer myself..
We had our lunch together with my sis.
Maa cooked many delicious meal just for us and it was big too!! (Thank u Maa~)
Then, we hang out at my room, my room was so messy with many books on my bed and untidy bed sheets.
( time for tidy up)
After that, she had to go back home, we say goodbye to each other.
At that night, Maa brought me to take a picture passport and then we went to IOI Mall to buy decoration things for my dorm locker.
She was in a very good mood and it was kinda scare me a bit ( offense Maa!! Just kidding)
Thats all for today..
See ya later...Bye2


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