Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sayonara Bye2

I just want to say goodbye SMK Bukit Jalil!!

Goodbye teachers and goodbye to all my fellow friends!!
I'll miss u so much la..!!
I also want to say goodbye to my bffs, Aye, Syikin and Aisyah..i will miss u guys so very damn much!!
Thanks u guys for being my friend for the past 3 years ( i think??)
All the precious moments that we shared together will always be remember and guys will always in my heart till the end. (hahah...ok2.. Im serius!)
I love u guys so much and u guys are the most special gift from Allah SWT.
Dont worry about me because i'll be back in the holidays ok?? (wait for me ok??)
To all the readers of this blog, im very sorry because until now i cant always update my blog.
But, i'll be sure to update it when theres a time and i'll share u how was my life there.
Unti then we soon meet again!!
See ya...Love ya!!


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