Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Holidays at home

This whole day was ok la..
I have to do all the house chores even though im not always at home.
But i kinda sort of like doing it (weird much??) because i missed my house so much and my family too!
Then, i online my myspace and i chatted with Ilani (my new friend at KTK)
We chatted about our holidays and about our new school too.
After that Dina, my dorm-mate greets me and we had our chit chat just for a while.
I was kinda glad knowing that i have friends in my new school. (I need more!!..hehehe)
At night, Maa and me went to buy my hostel stuffs and some other groceries.
It was so fun shopping with Maa..she knows what best for me and i love her so much.
I just got a good news!! AYE will come visit me tomorrow..YAY!!
I cant wait to see her again.


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