Tuesday, January 26, 2010

SOoo Hurt!!

My left eye hurting me!! (ouch!!)
I was so uncomfortable with myself because my left eye is really hurt.
Because of that, i was not in a mood at all.
At school, i cant help myself from sleeping in History class because i just cant open my eyes but Pn Pardeep was so kind and understanding. (Thanks so much!!)
I wanna say sorry to my bffs, Aye, Syikin & Aisyah because i was not my usual self and i was not paying attention to you guys at all today.
( hope u guys understand ok??)
Until now, my left eye is still hurting and i hope it will soon be ok.(OHhh Please!!)
Thats all for today...(still hurting)
Goodbye!!?? @#$%!


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