Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Present from Aye and Aisyah.

Yay!! I got present from my bffs, Aye and Aisyah!!
I was so happy that they still remember my birthday and they gave a very special prensent just for me.
Want to know what??
Well, Aye gave me a golden ladybird watch and Aisyah gave me a cool story book.

The gift that they gave me are so special to me and i will treasure it well.
Im so lucky to have friends like them who care about me and there are nothing more than that. Aye is so special to me and Aisyah is so precious to me and Asyikin is so funny-cuddly to me. They are my most special gift from god. (Thank you Allah!)
Lastly, THANK YOU AYE AND AISYAH!! Asyikin!!! Im waiting for you ok?? (hehehehe..) LOVE YOU GUYS SO DAMN MUCH..XOXO!! See ya!!

Picture of gifts from AYE and AISYAH.


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