Sunday, June 13, 2010

first holiday night

Yesterday was Saturday, which is the first day of the school holidays.
My family and i went to Tapah, Perak at the noon.
The day was quit boring and nothing special happened at all.
When we reached at Tapah, I was so surprised to see many things had already change and there were many new staffs working at the cafe too. (well...i never go out often since i went into a bording school)
At night, me and my family went out to have dinner at Bidor.
We went to a restaurant and eat many big dishes .(im getting even fattier!!)
I was so happy that i got to spend my time having dinner with my family.
It's really had been so long since we gather as a family like this.
After that, we started telling silly stories, took lots of picture and eat more. (hahaha...)
I really love my family so much and they are all that i wanted in my perfect life.
I cant wait for tomorrow to come since we will go to Kuala Woh to play and swim in the river.Thats all for yesterday post.
See ya again.Silly candid picture of me and my funny bro and silly sis


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