Friday, June 11, 2010

Im back for the holidays

Yes!! At last, im at home now!!..Let the Holidays begin (to me la..)
When i heard that we can go back at 10.30a.m., i quickly called my parent so that they can pick me up early.
After breakfast, we had to gather for assembly at the hall.
We stand almost half an hour, our legs were felt soo stiff.
We hang out in our class and took lots of picture together and also do a bit cleaning.
At 9.30a.m., we went back to our dorm to pack our things again and do dorm cleaning before our mama dorm came and checked our dorm.
Mama dorm gave all our passbook but where's mine??Dina and Azza too??
Then, i went down to the warden's room and found mine and Dina's passbook and Azza also but she had problems with her passbook.
Paa came exactly 10.30a.m. but Paa had to wait until 11 because Mama dorm was checking our dorm.
After all the things had completed, i said goodbye to all my dorm-mates and quickly went down with my luggages followed by my best friend, Azza.
She wants to send me off to my car, Paa help carry my big luggage.
I was so happy to be back home now!! But there's only one thing that worries me so much.
My weight are gaining a lot!!! I'm serious!! I feel so fat and chubby.
Oh no!! I must control myself...i can do it..(Chaiyok!!)
At TKC, there's one person who always make me feel mad and angry with her.
I don't know why went i look at her i feel so mad and i hate her so much, to make things even more worse, i had to face all of this everyday except for this holidays.
She makes me so angry!! ARGHH!!!
Ahhh...whatever long as i don't see her at this time of holidays, i will be just fine and happy.
When i arrived at home, i quickly text with my bffs and online my myspace and facebook (just made it). I was asleep because i felt so sleepy and tired.
The holidays begin now until 27th June and I must enjoy this holidays!!
The fun will begin tomorrow!!! I cant wait!!
Now, me and my sis are testing ourselves to not sleep the whole night (hahaha...serius la)
The result will be announce tomorrow and i bet ya that i will be the winner.


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