Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sudden appearance by the owner of this blog

Wah!!!! Its had been so long since i visited my blog or even updated it.
Such a long time too!! Wah?! My blog is so old stories.
There are a lot of reasons why i forgot to updated it

10 reasons why i didn't update my blog :

1. I'm now studying at a boarding school, no more normal school :(
Eventhough there's a CC...still im kinda lazy la..heheh

2. I had no time at all! My schedule are to pack....seriously! There are a lot of things that have to
be done and studies to carry on. Studying at a boarding school is so difficult. (yeah!!)

3. Mostly I'm to lazy to updated it :)

4. There's something lovely just happened in my life. One person can change everything...if you
what i mean??...heheh :) So, my blog was totally forgotten :) heheh...

5. I was in L.O.V.E!! (hahahah :D)

6. I had no idea on what to say because my life sometimes can be super fun and exciting but
sometimes can be such a SH**T and horrible. I hate when it goes like that :'(

7. More to Facebook-ing with my friends (^_^)

8. I'm so buzy studying and struggling for my exams. There's even this one time that i had to
drink Nescafe so that i can stay up late to cover up Physics (bad habits! Never try it at home)

9. I confess...i forgot that i have a blog (*-*)

10. Last but not lease, i

Conclusion : Mostly the reasons are actually because of LAZINESS and L.O.V.E case..hehehe :) I was in love with This someone special. I spend my free time talking to him all the time. Well, teenage life was suppose to be like this right?? When you're in love with someone, your life change rapidly and it makes you feel so happy for no reason. That's how i describe my condition.
Fall in love feel so good :) hahaha...(Oh yeah!)

For this school holidays of 2010, i will start to update my blog with some fresh new stories that will happen or had happened in my life. (For real!)

Do continue following my blog and for u guys that read my blog.. THANK U SO MUCH!! lOVE U GUYS!! muahxx....

That all for now, be sure to wait for me ya!!


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