Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Time!

Today,Maa and Paa was not working because they had to send my my bro for his interview of out station at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Convent Bukit Nenas.
At that morning, after sending my sis to school (poor girl...she was lateto school) and my bro, we had breakfast together at Kampung Baru.
I was so happy because i was still n my holidays when everyone are now schooling.
Then, we went to Celcom center to renew Paa's sim card.
When Paa was sleeping the car, me and Maa went out to buy newspaper and pau for me since i did not eat breakfast.Me and Maa talk in the car while waiting for Paa to wake up from his nap...HAHAHAhahah.
After that, Paa went to buy his things for his cafe and pick up my bro from his school.
We then had our launch at Kampung Baru again, but still i did not ate at all because the condition of of the food stall was not very convincing.
Because of that, Maa bought me pau AGAIN....i ate 2 pau(s) in the car.(DELICIOUS!!)
I cant wait to go to my previous school, but at the same time i was worry that if there were no one of my friends stay back...it was kinda late too. (2.30P.M.)
I called my bff, Aye...but i forget that she did not brought her phone at school.
Then, Syikin text me that she cannot stayed back because of an emergency...She said maybe Aye have already waited me at the bus stop.
So, i went to check, but she was not there...then, i went in the school and finally i saw Aye with R&R (bukan name sebenar) and Nasrul.
I was so nervous (REALLY...REALLY NERVOUS!!) and quickly called Aye to go to toilet with me....She almost cried, she thought that i wouldn't came and she was all alone with no friend...(Heheheh...SOORRY!!)
Then, we went back to the canteen and sit together with R&R and Nasrul.
At that time, i was so nervous and i kinda shy to, i felt like my heart was beating and bursting out and i just cant said anything(it's so hard!!!).
It had been so long since i face him like this, he was kinda selekeh a bit but a bit very tidy la...
When i wanted to talk to him, there were so many people interfering (MAN!! I WAS ANGRY!!...ARGH) and then he and his friends got to go to their club while me and Aye hang out at The Pondok near by.
We talk about things, then we meet Ustaz Amir (Aye called him!) and had a little chat with him.
After that, R&R and his friends came down, i was still nervous, i couldn't say anything. (DAMN THIS SHYNESS!!)
When i got to finally talk to him, Nasrul was interfering again and asked us to wait them at the canteen....but me and Aye went to Surau quietly.(heheheh...)
Then, me and Aye when to the canteen and this time i was determine to tell him my feeling towards him.
We sat facing each other, Aye was helping me by avoiding Nasrul to keep interfering my conversation. (Thanks...You save me a lot!!)
At first, it was kinda awkward since that im not sure to talk to him and then it became very smoothly....We had our chat and at last he asked my number, but at that time i thought the he has a handphone??..Hahahahah...we looked at my with a curious look.( I believe now..hihihih)
We walk our from school, i walked with Aye and he walked with friends.
We continued our talk at the bus stop, but it went kinda annoying with Amirrudin who always make jokes that are no funny at all!!..but i pity him by laughting eventhought it were not funny at all...(see?? I am very2 nice person..hehehehe).
Then, his father came to pick he and his little brother, we waved him goodbye.
Suddenly, he went out from his car and sat again at the bus stop while waiting for his little brother. ( I was ver2 HAPPY!)
But then, me and Aye had to go back home, I went back to Aye's house by her Auntie's van.
I was smiling all the time (without Aye noticing it...hehehe)
We reached at Aye house, i meet her's Mom at the front door of their house.
Me and Aye went in her room, all of it had already change but it's tidiness was still the same (heheheh...), but there was one thing missing...where's her bed??? (hahahah....)
After that, we ate and online together. Aye showed me her cat, BRad. I was so suprised that Brad had grown very big, the last time i saw him, he was so little and quit syok sendiri too..heheh.
I have a little chat with her Mom, then i was shy when her father came back home...i dunno what to say to him, i just sit down quietly and shyly.
Then, me and Aye saw TV together , we both waited for R&R to text me...but i was not expecting much from him at all but Aye was soo confident!!..
Me and Aye went into her room, we online again, see JB's video clip and had a funny chat about her school life and about my conversation with him.
Suddenly, a message came in my phone, i thought it was Maa, but it was HIM!!
Aye was surprisingly happy and asked me to reply funny things...hahahah..
When we were happily at the moment, Maa called me because it was time for me to go home.
I was still texting with him while walking with Aye.
We departed at the front gate of her kondominium and wave goodbye.
It was so much fun today.
At that night, i was still texting with him, when i was eating Young Tau Fu, when i was watching TV and...hahahaha
I was very happy!!, i couldn't believe that i was texting him the whole night, i thought mybe we couln't never even talk to each other and continued the war. (War??hahahah...)
Thanks to Aye, our relationship are getting better now but i did not expect more than that, it was quit enough for me.AYE!! THANK U SO MUCH!! LOVE U!! XOXO


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