Saturday, November 27, 2010

What should i do?

This morning i was gonna jogging with Maa and no to mention HIM too..heheh :) but suddenly Maa was not in a good shape and codition to go jogging. (to0 bad..)
Well, i don't mind at all because we had not plan for thah but still i just want to see and talk with HIM.
So, instead of that, I follow Maa. We went to her office then went to the morning market near by her office to buy some groceries.
I was feeling so sleepy at time because i slept late..i think i went to sleep at 3 a.m (wow!!)
It is normal for me to sleep late since that it was the holiday season :P
I was suppose to go outing with my friends and with HIM too either at Mid or TS but it was canceled because my bff, AYE cant go and some of my friends cant go too. Without her, im not brave enough to go outing by my own. (heheheh..xp)
HE and his 3 friends went outing at TS without any girls followed. (sorry guys! )
I was asleep the whole day today, there was nothing to do at all too. (-_*)
This was not the main thing i wanna write about but it was the TOMORROW DAY!!
Tomorrow was my date with HIM, im seriously..i mean SERIOUSLY dunno what to do!!
I never had this date before, i mean the 2 of us not the kind of girl that brave enough to go out with just only one boy! (OMG!!!) My heart is now beating with high speed (dupdup...dupdup..dupdup)
What should i do?? How do other couple manage to calm themself??
Im just afraid that i might embarrass myself in front of may happen when i was totally in the shy mood...*blushing*
We just only gonna eat Sushi, play bowling and tour around the mall and nothing more than that besides i will make sure that we are in the suitable gap. As a muslim, we must obey the rule on how to boys that are 'bukan muhrim'. (^_^)
Can i make myslef more confident that nothing bad will happend?
Everthing will just be find right???


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